Donor Wall

The following families and community sponsors have provided donations to the PTSA for the 2016-2017 School Year. 

*Donor updates will be done end of Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec 2016*


Paula, Tony and Sophie Taddeo

Mary, Gary and Jake Smith

Susan and Mary Polen

Deb, Sean and Caroline Collard

Gina, Carlton, Mia and Grayson   Brown

Lynn, Alvin and Ryan VanHorn

Mary and Sarah Kiscaden

Sandy, Scott, Samantha, Noah and   Ashley Snead

Dodie, Rob, Abigail and Emily   Whitt

Elaine Flaners and Yaacov and Jana   Puskin

Aletha and William Welch

Michelle, Chris, Evan and Jenna   Limoges

Ghada and Mark Francis

Kristy, Drew and Abby Bauer

Carole, Chris and Michael Cousins

Geneva, Henry and Michael Briggs

Laura, Tosh and Jessica Steelman

Michelle and Jared McBride

Karen and Keith Hauser

Juan and Horatio Zhang

Jennifer, Russ, Derek and Ryan   Singer

Sheryl, Don and Jocelyn Marnick

Laura, Chris, Andrew, Kate and   Nathan Pomeroy

Courtney, Kin, LeAnna and Caid   Headley

Michael, Laura and Jon Michael   LaFayette

Brian Kornblau

Lucie and Hunter Fisher

Jennifer, Shannon, Austin and   Logan Cook

Hanna, Peter, Luke and Noah   Farrell

Vicki and Drew Parlantari

Debbie, Dave and David Landsness

Elizabeth Huber and Michael Kontos

Tricia, Dan, Nick and Jackson   Thurman

Meg, Scott and Jack Rivas

Cathy Halliwell and Russ, William   and David Mayes

Carolyn, Jim, Mara and Sean   McDermott

Debbie, Ted and Erin Shashaty

Robin, Kent and Kacey Cox

Faryl Hart and David and Jacob   Williams

Liz, Dave and Colin Leitch

Samatha and Hayden Davis

Angela, Jemal and Matthias Cannon

Laura, David and Olivia Wilkinson

Hill Storage

Sharon and Aubrey Hill

Ainsleigh, Ivan and Nicoli Gil

Jee Young Kim, Ji Chul and Jasmin   Jeng

Leigh and Conley Burns

Christine, Steve and Stephen Lane

Vijay and Sreya Vemuri and Kanya   Sureddi

Emilene Moore

Michelle, Chris, Frederick and   Isabelle Scotti

Angel and Darin Burbrink

Indra, Brian, Tharin and Logan Tun

Jennifer, Steve and Michael   Christensen

Vicki, Andrew and Craig Svoboda

Kristi, Lloyd and Wes Scholz

Carolyn, James and Anna Rayhorn

Marmi, Brad, Matthew and Ethan   Houff

Caroline, Micheal, Peyton and Ian   Walters

Merril Milani

Karen, Allen and Hailey Sell

Yun Young Kim, Jong and Ashley Lim

Kathleen, Stephen and Ethan Lyons

Michelle, John and Christopher   Snyder

Mariana Eastwood, Larry and   Makayla Hatch

Ann Michelle and Stephen Sweeney

Christine, Steve and Allison Landi

Kathy, Paul and Abby Woodard

Erin, Paul and Ben Hazelgrove

Laura, Lee, Austin and Leland   Girard

Chris, Joe, Sabrina and Gabby   DeFilippo

Sarah, Rob and Grace Lowry

Deb, Howard and Becca Kramen

Marie-Claire, David and Olivia   Simpson

Cathy, Dean and Holland Brown

Susan Mun

Jennifer and Aazizah Bryan

Heather and Matt England

Miyoung, Alan ans Shelby Purser

Jan, Tom and Hannah Lawrence

Fran, John and Sarah Henneberger

Nicole, Ken and Morgan Epperson

Corrine, Bryan and Meghan   Skevington

Jennifer, Jeff and Emma Schwarz

Ward, Jack, Kelley and Samantha   Bobitz

Angie and Jeff Turcotte

Mackenn and Alan Pfeffer

Jerry Williams

Ravindra, Gita and Tanvi Allada

Babz, Michael and Zachary Barnett

Bridget, Mike and Alex Westhoven

Jane Cecil and Matt and Ben   Brengman

Megan, Reid and Parker Colson

Dee Dee and Peter Covington

Laura and Jared Dunn

Anne, Tony and Caroline Dowdy

Susan and Chris Faris

Kelly, Jay and Emma Gentry

Anna, C. Matthew and Matthew   Gibellato

Jeannette, Michael, Christopher   and Benjamin Hallock - Solomon

Melissa, James, Andrew and Aiden   Jamison

Stephanie, David and Jake Jordan

Robyn and Anthony Katsarelis

Stacey and Dan Kovanes

Jeannie Lesher

Susan, Rick and Lexi Long

Michele, Mike and Zachary Malinsky

Michele Mancuso

Quan, William and Kali McGough

Jennifer Meehan and Russ,   Catherine and Rachel Arsenault

Ann, Mike and Allie Newhart

Suzanne, Anthony and Isabella   Pericle

Kay, Tom and Andrew Shalaski

Melody, Louis and Jerome Snesil

Melinda, Dave and Amanda Tatum

Jayme, John, Melanie and Avery Taxin

Kris, Matt, JP and Cade Terrell

Kim, Thuan, Tyler and Bailey Tran

Barbara, Todd and Austin White

Sondra, Art, Zachary and Chris   Washburn

Karen and Roger Zurasky

Vonda Muench

Patrick Scholle

Anna and Trung Ho and Mylio Ngyen

Wendy Miller

Brooke Bell

Kalpak, Purvi and Aarya Shah

Julia, Mark and Abby Lawrence

Roger Skalebeck and Maria   Zimmerman

Katherine Dix

Tracy, Larry and Ryan Teal

Jennifer Lorek

Susie Hanson

Michelle, John and Michael Bone

Tammy Emerson

Leslie, Dan and Grant Baker

Shengsheg and Stephen Liu

Jia Yunqiu

Caroline Sweeney

Samantha D.

Lauren W.

Julie King

Maureen Birkin

Cindy Szymonik

Liziane da Rocha

Carrie and Matthew Weber

Jenny, Peter and Mia Wiesinger

Tricia, Mike, & Jessica Brown

Michael and Shelby Allen

Lauren, Matthew and Jordan Edmunds

Anselm, Aisha Alidou and Vital   Yededji

William Blackwell

Geo Chen

Lisa, Rob, Joshua and Petra Hafker

Sonja Taylor

Martha Cyr

Jane West

Susan, Sherwood and Matthew Atkins

Sarah Westmoreland

Maureen Karch

Michael Allen

Patsy, Matthew and Thomas Kowal

Carol, Scott and Brock Smith

Vinita, Sandeep, Suraj, Rohna and   Geeta Chhahira

Sandra, Chris and Dave Hamilton

Kristen Gartland

Emma Johnson

Diane, Wade and Justin Lail

Dawn, Wayne and Brendan Sheperd

Tajana and Dusan Lemaic

Laura Maxwell

Ann-Marie, Brad and Jackson Dike

Chris, Dan and Laura Kern

Fernanada, Edgar and Daniel Rodas

Teresa, Jeff and Matthew Swanson

Bari Cohen

Jacque, Bruce and Allie Kelleher

Laura, Chuck and Chris Harms

Susan, Scott and Jared Beller

Heather, Robert and Sydney   Marshall

Charlotte, Dennis and Cole Jensen


Community Sponsors

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 Community In-Kind Donations

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The DRHS PTSA Thanks YOU!!